McIntosh Stables

Our Philosophy

Show Jumpers & Equitation


McIntosh Stables envisions a community of horse trainers that embrace and espouse the principles of Positive Coaching for the ultimate benefit of horse and rider in the experience of their sport. McIntosh Stables envisions a community of equestrians of all ages who gain life skills, health, and happiness through the process of learning their sport. We envision McIntosh Stables as the top industry leader recognized for mastery of the sport through a safe, positive, and enjoyable training experience.

Our approach, interactions and decisions are informed by each of the following core values:

Integrity - We are steadfast in our adherence to a sound, honest, and forthright ethical code in our training program, equine care and business conduct.
Respect - We treat our riders and horses with high regard for their talents and due consideration for the effort they dedicate to their sport.
Positivity - We believe that an affirmative approach—working to the strengths of our riders and horses—most effectively builds confidence and stimulates progress.
Safety and Enjoyment - Our coaching technique provides a safe and enjoyable training experience and allows both horse and rider to maintain enthusiasm throughout the learning process.
Success - We put extraordinary effort into becoming the best riders we can. Success comes from practice over time.

To help your horse achieve success, we focus on the fitness and finesse required at higher levels of competition. Solid flatwork/dressage make that all possible. This type of development has been established by the world’s best riders, who share the same philosophy that has helped develop our program: Walter Zettle, Charles de Kunffy, and Anthony Paalman, to name a few.

For our riders, we aim to create independent equestrians who can handle different situations that may arise over a lifetime around horses. Whether you aim to be victorious in your next show, or improve a concept at home, our team caters to individual requirements to help you learn and develop. We not only encourage our riders to attend clinics and symposiums, but we often recommend literature to help expand a concept that we are working on in your daily lessons. All of these help to develop your understanding of the sport and help reach your goals.